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Structural Biology
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About our group

Our mission is to identify and validate key biological interactions implicated in human pathologies that could be targeted in therapeutic intervention. With this goal in mind we focus on detailed understanding of molecular mechanisms of various biological processes using the means of integrative structural biology. We use structural knowledge for understanding and also modulation of biological roles of proteins and protein-protein complexes. We foster our own research projects and actively share our expertise through a number of collaborations with the scientific community mainly but not exclusively at IOCB.



All publications
Structural characterization of two prototypical repressors of SorC family reveals tetrameric assemblies on DNA and mechanism of function
Nucleic Acids Research 2024: Early View
Identification of specific carbonic anhydrase inhibitors via in situ click chemistry, phage-display and synthetic peptide libraries: comparison of the methods and structural study
RSC Medicinal Chemistry 1 (14): 144–153 (2023)