Core facility

The research core facility is embedded within the research group of Structural Biology. It provides services in
X-ray structure determination of small molecules as well as proteins and NMR of biological macromolecules. 

The core facility serves users from IOCB. Detailed instructions about sample preparation including submission forms can be found on the Intraweb. External users can approach the facility via collaborative projects - please inquire with Pavlína or Václav.


Structure determination of small molecules

We provide complete service for structure determination of small molecules.

Contact person: Blanka Klepetářová

Macromolecular X-ray crystallography

We operate a crystallization room equipped with crystallization robotics. We train users, organize seminars and workshops on crystallization methods.

Contact person: Klára Pospíšilová

We operate a home X-ray diffraction station for macromolecular crystallography. We train users and provide testing of diffraction quality and diffraction data collection. 

Contact person: Jiří Brynda

Biomolecular NMR 

We support biomolecular NMR-related activities that include experimental design, data acquisition/processing, and analysis. We also provide training for the users in both data collection and analysis.

Contact person: Pavel Srb